Rules and Regulations For Our 2019 Race Season

  • Ship Birds to Southern Belle
       1431 Knight Rd
       Madison, GA 30650
  • Clocking by Wincompanion
  • PERCH FEES: $100 ea. Due with birds. No Exceptions.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age to enter the race
  • Accepting birds from FEBRUARY 15TH, to May 31ST, replacements till JUNE 15TH
  • RACE FEE is $325 per bird. Due after the 100 mile training toss. If you have paid the fee, yet your bird does not get to the first race, your money will be refunded for that bird.
  • There will be 4 main races: 150 mi, 200 mi, 250 mi, 325 mi.
  • Average speed will consist of the 150 mi., 200 mi., 250 mi., 325 mi. (4 races)
  • Capital prizes paid by clocking order for the 150 mi., 200 mi., and 250 mi. races
  • The 325 mile race capital prizes will be paid on the first drop and then clocking order
  • Ties will be given same clocking # and winnings added together and split equally
  • Race dates are subject to weather
  • Loft manager reserves the right to make all final decisions
  • Birds remain property of the owner. No Auctions or Buy Backs
  • ALL birds MUST BE ACTIVATED to remain eligible for the races
  • If any race fee is not paid by the owner, that complete team of birds will be sold and all monies earned will go to the new payee. The bird(s) also becomes property of the payee
  • A completed W-9 will be required for winnings of $600 or more
  • No person involved with the Southern Belle will be allowed to breed or enter birds into the race.
  • Average Speed paid by the clock. Computed by Wincompanion
  • If a bird does not clock, due to piggy backing or chip malfunction, and TSB verifies the bird is in that drop, it will be placed last in that drop
  • Time Out for Darkness - 30 minutes after sundown and 30 minutes before sunrise is dead time
  • Birds clocked in TOD before midnight given End time of day 1, Birds clocked after midnight in TOD given start time of the next day. Flight day times will not be extended due to Clocking of bird in TOD
  • There is NO TOD on the final race (325 mi.)
  • 10% withheld on all fees for expenses
  • Birds must be retrieved within 14 days after final race or become property of The Southern Belle race - $60 shipping per box for first 2 birds, $10 for each additional bird.