A little history about the Owner / Handler

My wife, Heather, and I live in Georgie on about 20 acres. We have been married for 26 years and we have 3 awesome kids. In addition to my race birds, we also have a small parrot breeding facilty specializing in hand raised African Grey parrots. Add to that, I am also a falconer and have hunted with raptors since I was 11 years old. I am, and always will be, a bird guy!

I have been involved with racing pigeons since I was 12 years old. I grew up in South Africa which has a very strong racing pigeon fraternity. One of the top pigeon men at the time was a neighbor to my grandmother and I befriended him. For the next four years or so I was with him every Friday night at shipping and on race day. I would help him clock the birds with some speed. The first race I clocked for him was the coveted 500 mile Colesberg race out of the Cape . We took 1st place and ended up winning the union with over 2000 birds flying. It was through his mentoring that I learned to handle racing birds.

It would be many years before I started racing myself. I came the USA on a tennis scholarship in 1988 and became a US citizen in August 1994. I got birds in 1995 but never raced as the clubs were always more than 100 miles away from where we happened to live, it was great fun just to let them out to fly. When we moved to Florida in 2008 I acquired some left over birds from the Dixie race our club hosted and I was fortunate to get some great pigeons.

In my first season racing in 2009 with the Jacksonville Racing Pigeon Club I won champion loft. I did my mentor proud in South Africa and won the very first 500 mile race my birds ever flew the following old birds season. Since then I have flown very well in the club and combine usually in the top 10%.

In the last active young birds season I flew with the club in 2012, I won Champion Loft, Champion Bird and Average speed in our A series and also won Average Speed in the B series. I flew under the name Cullinan Loft.

Recently,I am flying in my local club here in Georgia and have great results on all levels. I have won or placed in many one loft races around the U.S. Most recently I won (1st bird in the clock) at the Hoosier Classic in 2016 and that same year I was also 1st in the clock at the Great American One Loft Race.

Come and be part of our great new race, “The Southern Belle” , and enjoy some Southern hospitality, some incredible prizes, and 4 great races where you can fly against the very best in the country!

Give me a call or send me a note, I would be happy to talk with you! ~